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Discover LEARNINGARABIC.ONLINE, the modern platform for learning Arabic in an accessible and easy way, thanks to an interactive program and cutting-edge e-learning technologies.


Preparatory level – A0

This level aims to familiarize children with the characteristics of Arabic letters, help them correct their pronunciation, and introduce them to writing forms through fun activities and stimulating games. Additionally, this level introduces learners to converting sounds into written letters and vice versa, as well as memorizing basic vocabulary necessary to progress to the next level.


First level – A1.1

This level focuses on consolidating the basics of the Arabic language. Main objectives include improving pronunciation, acquiring elementary lexical knowledge, and constructing short sentences from words. Learners will also be introduced to the appropriate use of acquired vocabulary, both orally and in writing.


Second level – A1.2

This level aims to consolidate previously acquired skills. Learners will be able to read and use letters in simple words or phrases. They will learn to distinguish similar letters orally and in writing, and enrich their vocabulary to better understand and express themselves in a few contexts of daily life.


Third level – A2.1

This level aims to reinforce previously acquired skills and improve reading proficiency, focusing on articulation, phonetics, and observing rules of connection and distinction between sounds and words. Learners are encouraged to formulate sentences appropriately and read accurately. Additionally, they acquire the basics of grammar, conjugation, and spelling to consolidate their understanding of the Arabic language.


Fourth level – A2.2

At the end of this level, the learner is able to read a text fluently and comprehensively, respecting punctuation. They improve their oral and written expression, describing information in detail and accurately. Furthermore, they continue their learning of grammar, conjugation, and spelling rules, applying them effectively in conversations and writing.


Fifth level – B1.1

This level allows learners to read Arabic texts with ease, understand their different meanings, and reformulate them. The themes addressed are carefully selected to achieve these objectives, emphasizing descriptive and narrative speech types. Additionally, previously studied grammar and conjugation rules are used appropriately, both orally and in writing.


Sixth level – B1.2

At this advanced stage, learners can translate their ideas into oral and written language with great ease and precision. This level goes beyond simple comprehension and encourages fluent and articulate expression. It particularly emphasizes the development of expressive skills through themes focused on communication and everyday use of standard Arabic language. Learners are encouraged to explore a range of relevant topics in daily life, thus developing mastery of the language in various contexts.